Denkmodelle Struktur & System by Leopold Strey

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A two-part essay by media and installation artist Leopold Strey, accompanying his performative work titled “Iteratives Sachsystem” which deconstructs pictorial perception and communication through image. An iterative process of technical recognition and data translation that works self sufficiently while being observed by a human being.
The essays were published at the KHM Rundgang 2018 exhibition in Cologne.
The publication visualizes the iterative process of Leopold Strey’s work by overlaying all the information to generate an image of all written words at the same time. It creates an ambivalent contrast between transparency and opacity that unfolds the smallest unit of information, by turning the pages. Everything is connected – the words, the sentences, the lines, the grid, the content and the images.

20 pages, 148x210mm
Released 2018
Edition of 50

Artist: Leopold Strey (www.leopoldstrey.com)

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